14 Jul

A Look at Montana’s More Exotic Species

The wildlife and natural diversity that can be found in Montana is not something to be taken lightly. Learning more about the many different species that make their home in this area, the wilderness regions and natural environments that may be under environmental threat and how you can play a more active role in ensuring at-risk species can be preserved and protected for future generations can all be very important issues. Discounting the importance of the natural world or how fragile ecosystems and regional environments really are could be nothing less than a Continue Reading »

22 May

Montana’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Strategy

The initiative to preserve fish and wildlife is a high priority endeavor in the state of Montana. The state of Montana is home to thousands of species of fish and other animals. Montana’s wildlife is distributed between its two major ecosystems, which are mountainous deciduous forests in the western part of the state, and grasslands in the eastern part of the state. In recent years, the impact of man has significantly reduced fish and wildlife populations. Overfishing and over-hunting are obvious causes for some of the reduction in wildlife populations, but unintended consequences from human settlement Continue Reading »

31 Mar

Conservation Efforts: What Local Legislation is Doing.

Protecting the wildlife, ecosystems and natural areas that Montana has become known for is not an issue that should be taken lightly. The efforts and legislation of local and statewide government may play a key role in ensuring that the diversity and natural beauty of Montana can still be enjoyed by future generations. Educating yourself about the importance of this issue, as well as how you may be able to assist in any conservation efforts, will ensure that you are able to take a more active role in protecting the wildlife and natural environments that may be at Continue Reading »

05 Feb

Montana’s Natural Wealth

Swallows and falcons, bears and elks, porcupines, mountain lions and antelope all make their dwelling in Montana. Montana has the most diverse wildlife population in forty-eight of the continental United States. Its official state travel site likens Montana to one great animal sanctuary[1]. The land itself is equally varied: Montana is home not only to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, but also to fifty-four state parks. In this state we find a sensational landscape of geysers and lakes, caverns, mountains, cliffs and prairies. Much of Montana’s stunning terrain is deeply rooted in American history: several territories are strongly tied to the Indigenous peoples, and among its sites is the Missouri River, which is famously linked with the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Given Montana’s ecological and historical richness, it is no surprise that preservation movements and conservation groups abound. The Montana Association of Land Trusts was created in 2005 and is made up of twelve individual trust organizations[2]. MALT aims to work with private landowners to safeguard farming lands, water quality and habitats, among other environmental factors, and to work toward governmental protections along these lines[3]. One such effort, geared toward tourists, is the Travelers For Open Land program, founded by MALT and the Montana Inkeepers Association[4]. Visitors who patronize certain travel-oriented establishments have the opportunity of making a donation to the Travelers For Open Land fund directly through the participating business[5]. Certain trusts, having gone through an application process, are then awarded funds which they will, in turn, use toward land and wildlife preservation[6]. Such initiatives, which rightly work to sustain Montana’s environmental treasures, represent a healthy stewardship of a land which has been endowed with exceptional beauty.

Cameron is a writer for MontanaInternetProviders.com He loves the outdoors and work with enviromental groups to protect wildlife.

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28 Nov

A List of Montana’s Threatened and Endangered Species

Every state has its unique grouping of animals that face extinction if something doesn’t change. In Montana, the list is longer that we’d like, but much shorter than in other states.

  • Endangered Species
  • Endangered species are in danger of extinction “throughout all or a significant portion of its range,” according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Montana’s list: the black-footed ferret, least tern, white sturgeon, pallid sturgeon and whooping crane.

  • Threatened Species
  • These animals are predicted to become endangered Continue Reading »

    20 Jul

    Staying Overnight? Montana’s Best Camp Sites

    Whether you are in Montana because you love wildlife and the gorgeous beauty of the outdoors, and its rich mountains and lakes, or you just happen to be passing through “Big Sky County,” Montana is a wondrous and enchanting place!

    A Few of Montana’s Best Camp Sites are;

    Bannack State Park – A historic landmark and home Montana’s best “ghost town,” and of the state’s first gold strike back in 1862. At 5,835 feet, the area is both beautiful and filled with enjoyable activities for the family including, fishing, bicycling, Continue Reading »

    19 Jul

    Planning a Day Hike? The Best Park to Enjoy Your Day.

    You can’t visit Montana and skip Yellowstone Park. Choose your trail according to your family’s interests and abilities. For young children or grandparents, or family member unaccustomed to hiking, rather than one long hike, plan a short hike, a lunch break, and another short hike or drive depending on energy levels. Don’t forget your camera.

    Old Faithful Basin:

    You can’t spend a day in Yellowstone without visiting the Old Faithful geyser basin. The 1-1.4 mile trail around Old Faithful makes a nice easy family walk, past many of Continue Reading »

    15 Jul

    The Best of Montana State Parks

    For those who have been to Montana, most people would agree that Yellow Stone National Park, and Glacier National Park, are two of the best out of the eight that the State of Montana has to offer. The scenery is just spectacular, and the wildlife that freely roam both parks are just amazing creatures. Montana is well known not only for its beautiful scenery, and wildlife, but the fishing is just amazing too. Montanan’s really go out of their way to protect the wildlife and do what they can in hopes Continue Reading »

    11 Jul

    The Wolves of Montana; Protecting them from Ranchers

    The Wolves of Montana; protecting them from ranchers is now going to be nearly impossible. Livestock production in Montana has looked for ways to stop the wolf population there from attacking their animals. Until recently wolves have been protected by local laws, because wolves were hunted into near extinction by farmers in the earlier part of the 20th century.

    Now the entire population of gray wolves may get killed off under the newest Montana wildlife legislation and Continue Reading »

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